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Best Treatment for Colon and Rectal Cancer (Colorectal cancer) in Delhi

Cancer of the colon

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the large intestine (colon). Colon cancer typically affects older adults. It usually begins as a small, noncancerous (benign) clump of cells called polyps that form on the inside of the colon. Over time some of these polyps can become colon cancers. Infact screening and removal of colon polyps can aid in the prevention of colorectal cancer. Regular colorectal cancer screening is important also because no cancer-specific early signs or symptoms are there. There are other risk factors for colorectal cancer that you can control like controlling your weight, avoiding smoking, alcohol and red meat.

Successful surgery for perforated colon cancer

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with colon cancer do not feel worried or over whelmed. There are numerous treatment options. Surgery has a very high cure rate for early stage tumors. We perform this surgery by laparoscopic (keyhole, minimally invasive) technique. While we remove the entire tumor completely, we always try to preserve your ability to use the bathroom normally as well as your sexual health. Please see my video on sphincter preserving surgery for colon cancer with excessively good results and no stoma aswell.

In early tumours, we are usually able to avoid giving any type of stoma (a passage of stools on the abdomen). For advanced tumours also, most patients receiving additional therapy (radiation and chemotherapy) would need a temporary stoma which would be closed once the postoperative treatment is over. Even though there may be some increased frequency of stools initially, over a period of time with good perineal exercises, it improves and patients are able to go back to near normal bathroom habits. Using special laparoscopic and surgical techniques, we are able to preserve ability to pass stools from below in a significant proportion of our patients even with distal rectal cancers avoiding abdominoperineal excision and we are able to avoid a permanent colostomy in most of our patients.

Successful treatment for stage 4 colon cancer in a young patient with CSR & HIPEC

Sometimes, chemotherapy before the surgery helps shrink colon cancer cells. Even radiation in advanced cases has to be considered. For advanced tumors that have spread outside the colon, surgery does not typically cure the condition, but removing larger tumors may reduce symptoms. Targeted therapy & immunotherapy are also added. Please discuss about pros & cons of each option, potential side effects and effectiveness with me and my team. You are in safe hands with us and our team will focus on your quality of life from the very beginning of treatment. Patients with limited spread of tumour to liver can also achieve cure with appropriate multimodality treatment of which carefully done surgery is an integral part. Our team excels at simultaneous removal of both primary cancer and liver metastasis for appropriate patients. Even patients with extensive disease can do well with appropriate multimodality treatment which is quite effective and lead to good and long survivals.


Can colon cancer be cured?

The potential for curing colon cancer depends on several factors, most importantly the stage at which the cancer is diagnosed and the individual's overall health. In most cases, colon cancer can be treated successfully, especially if it is detected in the early stages. Treatment options typically include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Can colon cancer be treated without surgery?

In some cases, early-stage colon cancer may be treated without surgery through alternative methods like endoscopic removal or localized treatments. However, surgery is the most effective treatment for colon cancer, even when the cancer has advanced or spread. The choice of treatment depends on various factors, and it's essential to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized recommendations.

Is colon cancer curable at stage 4?

Stage 4 colon cancer is different form most other cancers. It is divided into two stages (4a and 4b) depending on whether the metastatic disease can be surgically removed or not. It should be understood that this division is based on the fact that there is a good hancxe at cure and significant impormvement in survival if the metatstaici dsease is operable and removed. Even when not removeable, good survivals can be seen. To put a figure, most patients on modern treatment for stage 4b colorectal cancer would survive more trhan 2.5 years with some living very long productive lives too. Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and other interventions. Individual outcomes vary, and it's crucial to consult with healthcare professionals for specific information based on the patient's condition.

What is the longest someone has lived with stage 4 colon cancer?

It's challenging to provide a specific answer as individual cases vary widely. Survival with stage 4 colon cancer depends on various factors, including the patient's overall health, response to treatment, and other medical considerations. To put a figure, most patients on modern treatment for stage 4b colorectal cancer would survive more trhan 2.5 years with some living very long productive lives toobut there is significant variability, and each case is unique.

What is the new treatment for colon cancer?

There have been new developments or treatments for colon cancer. However, one promising area is the advancement of immunotherapies and targeted therapies. These treatments aim to boost the body's immune response against cancer cells or target specific molecules involved in cancer growth. Clinical trials and research continue to explore innovative approaches.

How to choose best colon cancer surgeon?

Look for a surgeon with extensive experience in colorectal surgery and a focus on treating colon cancer and rectal cancer. Check their track record and ask about the number of similar procedures they have performed. Consider a surgeon affiliated with a reputable hospital or medical center known for high-quality cancer care.

What Our Patients Say About Us?

  • My father has been diagnosed with CA esophagus and CA colon. We were advised surgery after the chemo cycles by our treating doctors. We were in dilemma whether to go for the complex Hipec + CRS Surgery suggested. Hence we came for second opinion with Dr. Vivek Sir. He carefully reviewed complete history of my father and did all diligent test required to ensure there are no complications. He gave us the confidence and we went ahead with the surgery with Dr. Vivek Mangla's team instead. It was 10 hours long surgery and was successful. My father is recovering well after surgery. I thank the entire team (Dr. Neha, Dr. Suresh, Dr. Sanjeev) for their expert support and care during the hospitalization. Big shoutout to Dr. Sanjeev Arora Sir, who gave us all the moral support and complete guidance required during the surgery time. We will be debted for lifelong for same. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Mangla to anyone seeking a GI surgeon who will provide excellent medical care with a human touch.

    Vikaas Jaiin

  • A very good experience with Dr. Vivek Mangla. He is a wonderful surgeon and consultant, I had a stomack pull surgery and then after 8 yrs it was my colon pull up. He ensured I had a smooth perp, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I follow his advice and would highly recommend to anyone. And now in this Covid pandemic situation also, he also helped me in recovering from stomack infection. He is incredible. It’s rare to find a doctor like him. When other doctors and hospital are trying get me admitted into the hospital, he did his job perfectly by prescribing me a very few medicines and help me recovering in 7 days only

    Savita Sewani

  • Dr Vivek Mangla and his team were a big part of an extremely major surgery my mom went through at max vaishali. Her advanced stage ovarian cancer had spread to the colon which was a finding in the surgery itself as it never showed up on any of the pet ct scans. It was dealt with immediately by Dr Mangla and his team with quite a lot of advanced surgical procedures done including colectomy, colo rectal anastomosis, ileostomy creation and all of the cancer was removed from the GI tract. She never had any problems with the ileostomy and it was finally successfully closed after 4 months of the initial surgery. The spread to the GI tract was quite shocking to us but with Dr Mangla’s help, treatment and guidance we were assured of successful results. The surgeon himself is humble, approachable, caring and personally pays attention to each of his patient’s treatment.

    Shivam Aima

  • Dr. Vivek Mangla is Awesome! We were referred to Dr Vivek Mangla from Our Very Good Nephrologist as My Mother had a weight loss of around 15 Kgs in the last 6 Months, Haemoglobin level of 5.5 and after transfusion of 2 Units of PRBC(Refined Blood Transfusion) and PET CT reporting few disturbing facts which were directing towards Colon Cancer and trust me no one is ever mentally prepared when it comes to our near and dear ones. During our first meeting, Dr Mangla said that we will have to do Colonoscopy to find out the real nature of disease whether it's a tumor or a Cancer and next day My Mother's colonoscopy and Biopsy was done which clearly directed towards Colon Cancer. Then I met Dr Vivek Mangla again for further course of action and trust me the genuine concern, the real professionalism and true commitment made me feel that My Mother is in good hands as I was clearly explained that why and how the parts of Colon will be removed, how long the Operation will take place and what are the post operative cares which we will have to do. On the day of operation, when My Mother was being taken, the words don't worry Dinesh and Mata Ji were the words which my ears were longing to listen. After the operation, Dr Vivek Mangla showed us the parts taken out and then I realized how complicated was the surgery. That's when I realized how humble he is even after having tons of knowledge and best hands. There's a saying that A man learns from his own mistakes but a wise man learns for others mistakes. Be wise, Every word written by me here is absolutely true and god forbid if any of your family member is suffering from Colon Cancer then I assure You that he is the best hands in NCR.

    Dinesh Joshi

  • Dr Vivek is extraordinary person very professional and his words are great solace for the patient.My mother was diagnosed with CA Carcinoma and part of Colon which had tumour with malignant cells had to be removed . He along with his team Dr Debashish performed the surgery perfectly and mother is on path of recovery. Wish him success in future endevours.

    Manoj Deodhar

  • I would like to express my Gratitude to Dr. Vivek Mangla.My uncle(Shailesh Singh) had to under go a surgery of sigmoid colon and it was successful. Also, recovery was really quick without much implications. Truly appreciate Dr.Vivek Mangla Sir for having immense experience in his domain and entire team for the prompt support. Thank you

    Raushan Singh

  • I was diagnosed with colon cancer and needed surgical removal of the tumor which had started to obstruct the colon passage. That is when I was referred to Dr. Vivek Mangla at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Dr Mangla undertook my surgery in the earliest possible time. Laparascopic assisted left hemicolectomy with double barrel colostomy was succesfully performed. Now I am recuperating well post surgery. Besides being a very good surgeon, Dr Vivek Mangla is considerate and always approachable which is most helpful when one is going through such psychologically stressful times. May God bless Dr Vivek Mangla and may he continue to heal and save lives. Thank you Doctor.

    S Lian Lengen

  • My mother-in-law Mrs Shanti Devi, aged 71 years was diagnosed Ascending colon and hepatic flexure adenocarcinoma with liver and periportal lymph node metastasis status post NACT and immunotherapy.we met Dr.Vivek mangla at Max Hospital Vaishali and based on his investigation and recommendations we got the disease removed with the help of Dr. Mangla and his team.My mother in law is recovering very fast. Thanx a lot Dr.Mangla for putting your efforts.we are glad to choose you for the treatment.Our heartfelt thanks to you for guiding us.

    Sunita Pokhriyal

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