Patient Testimonials

The hospital is well-equipped and has facilities that are with international standards. Even the staff is very courteous. Our experience of getting treated by Dr. Vivek Mangla and his team has been extremely satisfying and I thank Dr. for giving our father a new life. It was scary learning he had esophageal cancer. A relative of mine recommended to meet Dr. Vivek Mangla. He suggested to me a treatment that sounded promising, so we decided to go ahead with it. I would like to mention that the staff was extremely nice and took really good care of us. I would certainly recommend Dr. to all cancer patients.

Vaishali Tyagi

Dr. Vivek Mangala is one of the best doctor. The amount of experience, profile and the knowledge, he speaks volumes. My mother was in such a critical condition and extreme pain and the way he handled her case In a very professional and positive way. His support, patience and attitude to deal with critical situation like ours makes him one of the best doctors. No wonder how easily he took us out of such a tough situation. No amount of words will be able to express my gratitude. Thank you!

Bhupesh Pant

In February, my family faced an unprecedented situation, when my father who is 78yrs old developed problem with intestine. We consulted many doctors and were in a dilemma whether we should go for surgery or not, considering the age factor and other isssues. But when we met Dr. Vivek Mangla, we were sure that my father is in safe hands. He assured us not only as a professional but also as a good human that though the risk is high with the surgery but chances of success are good. A family in this kind of situation needs not just a good doctor but also a professional who does understand the emotions of others. After the surgery also he always kept encouraging us and my father. I must admit that he is a thorough professional with the understanding of human emotions and sensinibilty. May God bless him with more success and he keeps bringing smiles in others lives. Thank you Doctor.🙏🙂 In the month of July, he performed second surgery. We were again a bit worried, but he was confident and everything went welll. Now my father is recovering. All thanks to Dr Mangla and his team, who is really eager to get his patients well soon. (As his name plate outside his cabin states) Thank you Doctor once again.
Rahul Jain

Rahul Jain

Doctor Vivek Mangla and his team are very Cooperative. The doctor was very patient and heard out the problems I was facing for my Father who had Esophageal cancer and is 65 yrs old. Through the treatment process, he constantly guided me on how to deal with him. My father survived and is doing well. Doctor Vivek is very humble and supports us like family. He is the best surgeon in Max.

Naveen Gupta

Experience dealing with Dr. Mangla has been great. Special mention to the personal warmth with which he treats his patients is commendable. He & his team did a major surgery for the removal of cyst formed in patient's gallbladder neck resulting in the smooth flow of bile from liver to gallbladder. Overall a really helpful experience which is most required while dealing with such an illness and fearful state of mind.

Amit Gupta

Dr Vivek Mangla is one of the finest doctors, I have met. He did the oncology surgery of my father-in-law in a very professional way. He is fine and recovering well. Dr Mangla explained everything to us in a very clear manner, he is a wonderful surgeon and a very kind and friendly person. I highly recommend him to anyone looking forward.

Rajesh Das

Dr.Vivek Mangla is one of the finest doctor in his domain. Handled his case In a very professional and positive way. His support, patience and attitude to deal with critical situation like ours makes him one of the best doctors. No wonder how easily he took us out of such a tough situation. No amount of words will be able to express my gratitude. Thank you

Parveen Chandel

Dr Mangla has superb knowledge about his field and is updated about the latest. He made us comfortable by taking care of not just the patient but also counselling the family . He took extra efforts to take care. He’s very calm and takes very good care of his patients. We got the surgery done at Max PPG. Thanks to the entire team of Max PPG and Dr Kousar, Col Chahal also for helping us connect with Dr Mangla . Also special thanks to Dr Subhashish for taking care of us during the post op period in the Hosp. I would recommend Dr Mangla to everyone for GI surgeries. He’s one of the best lap GI Surgeons. Thank you Dr Mangla for taking care of my Dad !

Mahima Bakshi

I have undergone a surgery twice by dr. vivek mangala. He has a charismatic hand. I am very gratefull to him.

Sunil Sahu

Vivek Mangla is very polite and good doctor. Now I feel my wife will be healthy very soon. thanks a lot.

Arun Panghal

Dr Vivek done my mother stones surgery. My mother had multiple stones in gallbladder. He done her surgery and now my mother is perfectly healthy. He is such a nice doctor as well as nice person.

Manish Tomar

We are very much greatful to you and your establishment to save life our patient, Murari Lal Pathak, from stones in GB making painfull critical conditions during treatment at Gwalior.

Mahesh Pathak

In a one word overall experience is from fearful environment to fearless and confident salute to Dr. Mangla thankyou very very much Dr mangla and Max hospital and Max staff excellent.

Abhishek Dixit

He understands the problem very quickly and give right suggestion/ solution. Very happy with surgery.

Rahul Jaggi

Excellent experience with doctor, he is very familiar with patients, very positive, he gave proper time to patient. Fully satisfied with his treatment.
Thanku soo much sir!!

Swapnil Chaurasia

Dr. Vivek Mangla carried out the procedure with utmost precision and ensured that proper healing and bandage change was taking place

Kurt Maéva Howard

Dr. Vivek performed Laproscopic Right Radical Hemicolectomy on my mother. We would like to apprise that he is a very benevolent & cooperative doctor who understands the patient’s emotional state. A very talented and confident doctor with a stupendous team which is 24 hours available for the patient. He always meet with a smiling face and a positive attitude which helps in boosting confidence of his patients & their attendants.
May god bless him with good health & spirits !

Chintan Arya

I consulted many doctors and was in a lot of trouble before I met Dr Mangla. My experience with him and his team is really a positive one. He hears you out patiently, is empathetic , makes you feel comfortable within minutes, and provides you with the most appropriate diagnosis to your problem. If you are under his care, you surely are in good hands.

Aanchal Mathur

My mother was diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic cancer which was not upfront operable. She underwent chemotherapy for 3 months. Post initial chemo, Dr Vivek Mangla adviced us to go with surgery for better results. We had complete faith in him as he is one of the best surgeons in the field. He performed an extensive surgery and removed tumor completely which involved pancreas, spleen and left adrenal gland. Currently my mother is recovering well from the procedure. Dr Mangla explained the procedure in detail to us and answered all our questions with patience. His outlook towards his patients is remarkable and me and my family are truely blessed to get treatment from him.

Aman Jindal

Very satisfying experience with Dr. Vivek Mangla… Dr Vivek is the best Gi oncologists in Delhi…. my father is suffering from colorectal carcinoma ….dr Mangala did surgery perfectly… my father is on path of recovery.. with the blessing of God we came to right doctor at right place this time. I am thankful🙏🏻 to Dr. Vivek Mangla and team .

Dr. Shakti Pandey

Dr Vivek Mangala is very polite & he tell each & every thing deep give proper guidance we are yet satisfied of the given treatment we appreciate their work thnks sir

Manish Chilwal

Dr I would love to share my experience with Dr. Vivek Mangla. Few months back my father in law was diagnosed with Lower Rectum Cancer , as it's name makes you frightened enough and when it happens to your Dearest ones, u become extra worried and curious to know every little detail, and u start searching for such a Dr, Who is humble, have patience to listen not only to patient but also to their family. Dr. Vivek Mangla is the right person who have genuine smile on his face to counter all ur queries and makes you understand all possible if and buts of the treatment. He suggested Laproscopic Surgery after some necessary test, pre surgery radiation session and oral chemo which proves to extremely helpful in the main surgery. My father in law then underwent Lap Lar (Laproscopic low Anterior Resection) Surgery which was successful . Throughout this whole journey , Dr. Vivek Mangla was polite, humble, friendly , calm and always wears a smile and takes extra efforts to make his patient and his family to give all possible comfort and security. His presence makes u feel secure and fills you up with positivity. Even his team at Max Vaishali, was also helpful and prompt during pre and post surgery helps ur patient to get back to normal life as soon as possible. Thank you Dr. Vivek Mangla and your team for treating my father in law. I would recommend Dr Mangla to everyone for GI Surgeries, as he is one of the best Surgeron in Delhi NCR.

Atul Jain

Dr. Vivek mangla is a super doctor. He saved my wife's life when everyone was hopeless. His positive and motivational attitude gives the courage. For me he is the another face of God. He explained everything in a very easy manner.everytime when we need him , he was there for us. May God bless dr.vivek mangla with all the happiness and success of the world.

Neetu Choudhary

Visited max hospital from Nepal as per our friend's recommendation, not knowing what next. But when we met Dr Mangla during our first consultation for our dad who was diagnosed as a case of pancreatic Neuroendocrine tumor, his counselling alone was a huge relief for us. He listened to our queries patiently and answered everything we need to know very calmly. We were scared regarding surgery as dad is a known case of COPD,DM because of which we thought laparoscopic surgery was not possible. But Dr Mangla and his team took care of everything. Even now if we have any queries we message him to which he responds immediately. We will be forever grateful.

Poonam KC

Very good doctor. Explains everything in detail with patience. Consulted for Colorectal cancer and surgery was successful.

Shalini Gupta

Special thanks to Dr Vivek manga and their team for their outstanding work in the field of pancreatic my daughter has overcome from this drastic problem.they have treated not only my daughter even given life breaths to her guardian couple. as per individual personality. dr mangla may not less than God to me. no need to explain that they have a grand value in order of Max unit group.again great thanks for excellent stitching work. no broad cutting mark. every thing done nice so short time recovery. sir i know u would thinking after operation i have not come to meet u physically. sir duty as a sub inspector this time schedule so busy. But sir sure i shall come. sir i am very grateful.

Nagendra Bhati

My experience with doctor vivek mangla is very good, doctor Mangla and his entire team is very helpful and very approachable, my wife underwent surgery to doctor. I am happy with this . God bless to doctor and his entire team.

Yogender Singh

He is superb and outstanding in his field. He know very well what to do, when to do and how to do. He is great combination of professional knowledge & generously humane. Sir has done a very good treatment, I have seen many doctors, but I did not tell any clear treatment, but sir fulfilled our promises. Once again thanks

Nikki Tomar

Dr Mangla and his team operated on my wife to remove an pancreatectomy (pancreatiocoddenectomy)with feeding jejunostomy .....pancreas lymph nodes cancer on17.05.22 Dr .Mangla is very good positive person. The way he do operation is very good. Most experienced

Nandini Rajput

My father was detected with early stage of Colorectal Cancer, a doctor friend of mine advised us to visit Dr. Vivek Mangla. Dr. Mangla suggested us to get a surgery done without delay so that the cancer doesn't spread to lymph nodes and other parts. Acting on his advice, I immediately got my father operated by him and by God's grace the biopsy report said cancer did not spread to lymph nodes. Which means Chemo/ radiotherapy is not required and we now just have to get my father tested frequently so that cancer does not relapse. Credit goes to Dr Mangla for his advice and the surgery that he conducted, which put a full stop to the spread of cancer immediately after detection. My father is now recovering and is always singing praises of Dr Mangla. Dr Vivek Mangla is an amazing surgeon and a humble person, as he gives personal touch to a patient's experience which not a lot of doctors would do. If you have any GI related issues, from my personal experience, I would recommend Dr. Vivek Mangla.

Mr. Vaibhav Chadha

The fundamental base between doctor and patient is the Faith of the patient towards his doctor that he will gonna save and make everything all right. I have been going through many doctor throughout my small journey but the positive vibes Dr. Mangla Sir possess is the best. He has been very positive and energetic toward his patient. The power packet of positive energy. He not only serve the best treatment toward the wellness of his patient but also maintain a good relationship with them. After my surgery done, There was a time in hospital when I was feeling low but once Dr. sir came to visit me, he charged me up. The precious time he offered to his patient gives hope, faith. I wish Dr. Mangla Sir abundance of happiness, success and keep smiling as you always do. I feel honoured to have a picture with him.

Miss Simran Dua

Dr. Vivek Mangla is one of the best GI surgeon in India. He is very helpful, soft spoken, polite and caring towards his patient. Over all he is the Great human being. He is always available for his patients. My Younger brother had an intestinal blockage and was suffering from severe pain. With Dr. Mangla's surgery, he is healthy now. (He never suggested surgery at the first place, he tried curing it by medicine first. But it didn't work in our case. Hence, Surgery was performed in the end) I am grateful to his team as well.

Mr. Amit Jain

Dr. Vivek mangla, well- known for performing tough and long surgeries giving best possible results. One of best GI surgeons around Delhi. He is quite confident, attentive and very efficient. Understand the state of mind of patient and attendents, guides nicely and explain everything with positive attitude. Trustworthy, caring, friendly, cooperative and motivating.

A noble soul and above all a very good doctor.

Mr. Sameer Miglani

I must say the Best Gastero surgeon in Delhi. My sister had a bile duct injury so i visited many GI surgeon in the city, some of them are money oriented, some of them are less knowledgable.

But Dr. Vivek Mangla is the one where my search ends. He is not only a good doctor in this feild but a great human being also, he treated us like his family. He is full of positive energy and always bring positivity to his patients. My sister is just 24 and she was fearing before surgery but Dr. Vivek explained us everything and gave us confidence that she will be 100% everything.

Most of times, i irritated him by putting lot of irrelevant questions but he always explained me everything. Thank u so much sir for everything. May God bless you.

Mr. Kapil Dua

Dr. Vivek Mangla is very brilliant, cooperative n supportive Surgeon. We met him after endoscopy of my Brother-in-law for consultation. After seeing report he immediately decided to remove d Gist thru operation n advised him to hospitalise immediately as there was continuous bleeding from Gist. On 8th July morning patient admitted, he Dr. Mangla done successful surgery n discharged him yesterday evening. Now patient is perfectly fit. We are thankful to Dr. Mangla for his correct decision/advise, support n cooperation to us.

Mr. Deepak Gupta

One of the best Doctor I have met till date. My mother was diagnosed with an acute ulcer in the stomach region. Her condition was very serious and was deteriorating at a very fast pace. Due to the ulcer she used to bleed too much which resulted her HB count dropping drastically to 4.8 level. Then Dr. Vivek Mangla Sir decided to operate and remove the ulcer. It was a major surgery lasted for 3 hours. To be noted that my mother's age is 70. The surgery was successful and the post operation advice by Vivek Sir helped my mother to recover. Not only Vivek Mangla Sir is a fantastic Doctor, but also very compassionate and considerate gentleman. He is very approachable. Thank you would be a very small word for Dr. Vivek Mangla. From the inner most core of my heart I wish you very best for your future .

Indranil Roy

I met Dr. Vivek Mangla by sheer luck and grace of God. A loving, caring human being and outstanding professional, he agreed to do surgery on me at very short notice. Throughout the operation, he kept me and my family extremely comfortable. The surgery was successful and am living normal life. Am so happy to have discovered him that going to keep in touch with him for rest of life and approach him if an eventuality arises in future for me, family members or friends. Strongly recommend Dr Vivek as extremely efficient Surgeon as also kind hearted friend. Wish him all the best in life. I am very thankful to you.

Deepanshi Chabra

Would have given him more stars if available. With god’s grace we met time during very crucial period of our cancer treatment. My mom’s health was very low because of chemotherapies, but Dr. Vivek didn’t only made a perfect stomach surgery to remove that big tumour but also made my mom healthy enough to bear the surgery. We went to him on wheelchair and came back walking after surgery. Our treatment is not over with surgery, we need to undergo few more chemos, and for that he did a laparoscopic surgery (8 hrs long) and not just open stomach (2hrs long), that too in this covid-19 phase. Laparoscopic surgery has made my mom recover quick and healthy, with which she can easily handle further left off treatment. Besides this surgical excellence, he is a one jolly good and caring doctor i have ever met. His guidance before and after surgery has made our journey easier. His friendly and commanding nature made us follow his advice easily. Even staff in hospital is very happy with Dr. Vivek Mangla. I can keep on writing about him but people might not read long reviews, so m ending here. I wish every patient meet a doctor like him, and definitely GI bole to DR. VIVEK MANGLA.

Miss Mansi Singal

These are from the bottom of my heart to those who are passing through my stage which I just cope with the help of an unbelievably humble, caring and highly professional personality Dr. Vivek Mangla. My daughter who herself is a MBBS student diagnosed with gallbladder stone (which turned out to be chronic cholecystitis later as rightly assessed Dr. Mangla in our very first session at Ganga Ram) & suggested surgery at Manipal hospital, Dwarka. She was screaming in severe pain when we reached Ganga Ram on 4th June 2020 to consult Gastrologist for a second opinion. My sincere gratitude to Dr. Praveen Sharma, Gastrologist who made extra efforts to arrange our meeting amidst Covid situation with Dr. Vivek Mangla. I still remember my first phone call to Dr. Mangla from outside Dr. Praveen Sharma's room as he told me just wait for few minutes and I'm coming!! He came to us within seconds with his pleasant smile which I feel itself is the cure before any medication! This was the beginning of his charisma and we literally forgot our first ever hospitalisation fear. Today is 12th June i.e within a week's time my daughter is almost back to her normal life after a successful surgery by Dr. Mangla on the second day of her admission to Ganga Ram Hospital! This is my genuine experience and there is no exaggerations. Yes of course there may be excitements in above lines but that's because of my child's smiling face. May God bless Dr. Vivek & his dear ones, I wish him all the very best.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Dr. Vivek Mangla is an exceptionally amazing , friendly and phenomenal gastro surgeon. He operated my wife for hital hernia and treated her with extreme care. He discharged her in a day and took utmost care of her. We trust him blindly and respect him for his inadvertent virtuous decisions. Waheguru Ji mehar karan aap hamesa chardiya kala vich raho khush raho Ji.

Mr. Jasbir Shing

Our experience with Dr Mangla and his team has been very nice. What we particularly liked is that they added the human touch in the doctor - patient -family triangle which is largely missing in today's time. Dr Mangla took time to resolve our queries and explained the importance of procedures he recommended. As patient's family, it helps to beat anxiety and stress. His assistant Nitesh is also cooperative. He calmly took our numerous phone calls a day and updated us immediately.

Miss. Sonal K